About Us

North Edmonton Business Association (NEBA) is legally incorporated independent business assocation.  We received our incorporation status in the Province of Alberta on October 16, 2014.   Our geographical area of focus is all areas North of the Yellowhead Trail.  This incorporates these Municipal Wards: Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 and Ward 7.

NEBA’s three primary goals are:

  • Growth,
  • Communication and
  • Education. 


Our intent is to be the connector for entrepreneurs and professionals (or individuals) who have an interest in doing business in our geographical area of focus.   

We look for opportunity to help members foster relationships by:

  • providing networking events such as business mixers or luncheon,
  • proactively setting up strategic business introduction sessions
  • invite members to participate or enroll in educational workshops
  • invite members to participate in one or more Mastermind Sessions  


We believe it is important to first listen and understand what professionals and entrepreneurs in North Edmonton - (North West and North East) might be looking for from our Association.   We strongly believe that by working together with businesses, professionals, government and communities, we will contribute to  continually improving the profile of our geographical area and creating additional business opportunities in our growing and vibrant community.

Our organization consists of a diverse group of business professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise.  By sharing common goals we are able to increase the opportunity for each business in our community.

About US: North Edmonton Business Association focus has been to raise awareness of North Edmonton – North of Yellowhead Trail from North West to North East.  Our goal is to host functions and events to bring businesses, community and interested parties together – building opportunities through interactions.  We are a membership based organization - We look forward to exploring options with you. [ONLINE MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION]

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