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Did you catch us on CTV Edmonton News? 

Thank you to CTV Edmonton for sharing a part of NEBA's Lunar New Year Celebration Event on your 6 PM news show [Clip Starts at 12 min and 30 sec NEBA Lunar New Year Event 2018

Special thanks to Edmonton Humane Society for raising awareness of this event [CTV EHS Segment]- it gave us the opportunity to help fundraise for EHS raising $1400 in donations even before the event started.  We hope you had a chance to stop by their Bingo Pet Store and see what's available for your companions. 

We are very excited to attend the upcoming Paws & Claws Gala on Saturday Mar 10 at Edmonton Expo Centre.  Paws & Claws Gala Tickets are still available for purchase - hope you can come out and join us this weekend for a great cause.

We had an amazing celebration to celebrate Lunar New Year and Welcome the Year of the Dog! 

Special thanks to our special guests in attendance: Mayor Don Iveson, MP Randy Boissonnault, MP Michael Cooper, MP Ziad Aboultaif, MLA Chris Nielsen, MLA Nicole Goehring, MLA Thomas Dang, Councillor Andrew Knack, Councillor Bev Esslinger, Councillor Jon Dziadyk, Councillor Aaron Paquette and EPSB Chair Michelle Draper.  Angela Jung (CTV Edmonton) MC the opening ceremony - she was fantastic!

This event was made possible with the support of Title Sponsor: Cushman & Wakefield Londonderry Mall and Association Sponsors: Usha Pawluski PC, Source Office Furnishings, J&J Group LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, and Good Buddy Restaurants.   

Thank you to Edmonton Humane Society for coming out with their adoptable animals and being a major part of this event as we welcome the year of the Dog.  

Thank you to everyone for attending and joining in the celebration.  Check out this photo album sponsored by Sam Luu with S&L Event Photography.  [LNY 2018 - NEBA Photo Album]  Lan Chan-Marples, LNY Event Chair, continues to deliver a very successful event.  It's with her leadership that communities, businesses, elected officials and individuals can come together at one event to celebrate the new year.  We are very excited to plan 2019 event. 

In January's NEBA e-newsletter edition, special thanks to Councillor Andrew Knack (Ward 1) for your article - "How do you or your business want to be engaged?"  In this edition, please see Councillor Bev Esslinger (Ward 2) article - "Vision Zero Corporate and Industry Symposium."


Within days of celebrating Lunar New Year at Londonderry Mall, Federal Budget 2018 (369 pages) "Equality + Growth : A Strong Middle Class" was released and we've been busy reviewing the materials and analyzing changes and their impact.  Here are some analysis of the budget for your review: Federal Budget 2018 Analysis (BMO 5 Pages)2018 Federal Budget Analysis (PWC 9 Pages) and Federal Budget 2018 - What's Up? (KPMG 6 Pages) 


How does this affect us individually and/or our business? NEBA's has three focus: Growth, Education and Communication.  We are very pleased to announce that Usha Pawluski, CPA has committed to helping us with monthly articles to provide Tips & Ideas for You and Your Business in our e-newsletter.   We are pleased to include her first article in today's edition for your review.  Should you have any questions or inquiries - please email them to and we will forward them to Usha to respond.   We look forward to adding more articles of interest to share ideas, best practices and information on helpful topics for the business owner or professional. 

UPCOMING: NEBA Business Mixer, Tradeshow & Networking Event - Mar 28 2018

We invite you to come out and join us at upcoming Business Mixer, Tradeshow and Networking Event to be held on Wednesday March 28 at Kohinoor Restaurant & Grill, 13712 40 St.   We are working with Kohinoor to plan the tradeshow portion for this specific event using the halls that are available at the restaurant.  These halls can accommodate events with over 200 guests in attendance - an option for your consideration for upcoming conferences, client appreciations, seminars, workshops and/or meetings.   We look forward to hosting this networking event with businesses showcasing their company products and/or services, plus light appetizers for you to enjoy.  It's a great opportunity to engage, interact, build on existing relationships and/or make new connections!  Bring your business cards - there are door prizes and draws to be won! #nebamixer

Tradeshow tables and event sponsorship are still available for booking.   Please check our website at [Mar 28 Event Details] Register now and join us at this upcoming event.   

We are very pleased to add lunch and learn sessions to our platform with guest speakers and presentation on topics such as employee engagement, management, social media, networking to name a few.   Dates and locations will be posted as we firm up event details.  Hope to see you at upcoming event! 


Looking to explore ways to network and get your name out in 2018? Talk to us today about opportunities available by working with NEBA: a) membership, b) sponsorship, c) advertising on our website or in our e-newsletter or d) event sponsor.   

Kim Nguyen, RCIC, Notary Public, Executive Assistant, Email: or 780.905.5025   

Loan Gowers, BComm, CFP, FMA, FCSI, Executive Director & President  780.803.1678 

(Connect with us on LinkedIn, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook Page).

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North Edmonton - City Councillors (Ward 1-4 and Ward 7)

Vision Zero Corporate and Industry Symposium

by Councillor Bev Esslinger (Ward 2)

On February 21, I had the pleasure of talking to over 40 industry executives and local business owners about traffic safety at the Vision Zero Corporate and Industry Symposium.

The long-term goal of Vision Zero Edmonton is to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries. We want our friends, family members, and employees to arrive safely at their destination and return home at the end of the day. Tragically, many people have lost a friend or family member to a traffic collision. That is why it was so exciting to see a room full of business leaders learning what Vision Zero is and how they can be part of making our streets safer.

Business owners have a vested interest in traffic safety because they want their friends, family members and employees arriving home safe at the end of the day. Losing an employee to a traffic crash means they lose a friend as well as a trusted and skilled employee. Collisions also put work vehicles out of commision, raise insurance rates, and increase the risk of liability.

A Vision Zero principle recognizes that eliminating fatalities and serious injuries is a shared responsibility between road users and those who design and maintain our roadways. To reach our Vision Zero goal will take all of us. The City is working towards Vision Zero using a data-based approach, to systematically upgrade intersections, improve safety measures around schools, upgrade crosswalks, and lower speeds where vulnerable road users interact with vehicles.

Symposium participants listened to traffic safety experts from Germany and Sweden, heard about what Vision Zero is accomplishing in Edmonton, asked questions, and discussed traffic safety. They agreed that industry and government should work together to end road deaths and serious injuries. Eight representatives from the group agreed to meet together again to determine possible next steps and then to share their suggestions with all the attendees.

I am thankful for those who showed their commitment to safer roads, and I am excited to see what happens next.


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Tips & Ideas for You and Your Business

The New Landscape - Changes in income tax rules for Small Businesses and what it means for you.

by Usha Pawluski PC

You may be thinking of how to move forward after the changes to the income tax act, which limits the income splitting, that most small business owners relied on to compensate them for the risks and sacrifices of owning a small business. 

One option that has always been available is the option of paying a reasonable wages to family members. 

The courts look for two things when related parties are being paid wages:

  1.        You must be able to show that your family member actually did the work
  2.        The wages must be “reasonable in the circumstances”

  What may be reasonable for an arms- length employee may not be the same as reasonable to you or me.  I may think, for example, that I need to pay my spouse $50/ hr for office management, when the going rate is $30/hr, because a spouse is not treated like a regular arm’s length employee.  The related individual is usually expected to do more, to take on more responsibilities and to assume more risks. 

This is just something to think about!

To make inquires by CRA hassle and worry-free, keep these guidelines in mind:

  •        Have an employment contract with the related party with;

o    the job description,

o   Salary or wages

o   hours of work

  •        Have the family member fill out time sheets;
  •        Put the related party on payroll and remit the source deductions on their behalf.

Other updates on income splitting have been provided by the Department of Finance with respect to Dividend income, Partnership income, Trust income, Debt and Dispositions (capital gains).

Department of Finance has come up with some exceptions and exclusions to these rules.  PLEASE DISCUSS THESE WITH YOUR ACCOUNTANT.

If you are looking for a new accountant, we would be happy to be of service.  Please call us at Usha Pawluski Professional Corporation 780-463-9300

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Calendar of Events

Future Meetings

NEBA Business Introduction (Company Presentations) Networking Event

March 15, 2018
5:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Source Office Furnishings & Systems Ltd. (BOARDROOM)
14835 137 Ave
Edmonton, AB

Business Introductions & Company Presentations. Learning more about each other's businesses.

Read More  Register Now

NEBA Business Mixer, Tradeshow & Networking Event

March 28, 2018
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Kohinoor Restaurant & Grill
13712 40 Street
Edmonton, AB

Business Mixer, Networking - Tradeshow Tables & Sponsorship Available

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For more information about NEBA, Membership or Sponsorship Info, this event or upcoming events, please contact:

Kim Nguyen, Executive Assistant      Email: or Contact: 780.905.5025

Chat with us today about the benefits of becoming a member and upcoming events, where you can get a tradeshow table to showcase your business, products and/or services.

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President's Report

Thank you to Cushman & Wakefield Londonderry Mall and Usha Pawluski PC for continuing to sponsor NEBA as Association Sponsors for 2018. We are thankful for your support, sponsorship and contribution to helping NEBA deliver our mission statement. 
As a nonprofit association, we are able to host and deliver events through support of sponsorship (Association & Event), membership (new and renewing members), tradeshow tables and advertising on our website and/or newsletter.    Many new members join us over the last few months - we are putting out a special e-newsletter edition to introduce them to you and explore the products and/or services NEBA member's have to offer. 

We have a tradeshow table at MLA Heather Sweet upcoming Job Fair Event on Saturday March 10, 2018 from 9 AM - 12 PM at Royal Canadian Legion, 14339 50 St.   There are over 50 corporations in this event - so please stop by our tradeshow table and we look forward to meeting you in person. 

As always, if you have any questions about North Edmonton Business Association, Sponsorship opportunities or membership with NEBA, we can be reached by phone of by email. 
Thank you to everyone for your continued support.  We look forward to seeing you soon at an upcoming event,
Loan Gowers, BComm, CFP, FMA, FCSI
Executive Director & President |
Our Board of Directors is made up of a team of volunteers:
Loan Gowers, volunteering as Executive Director to all our Directors in place: Lan Chan-Marples, James Jarvis, Aaron Saunter, Tim Wong, Jim Ackney, and Maria Ackney. 
Secretaries: Joey - Lee Morgeau-Jeffrey and Mei Yin 
Treasurer: Taikun Ji (J&J Group LLP Chartered Professional Accountants) with support from Shirley Wang (J&J Group LLP). 
Special thanks to our Honorary Advisory Board who have continued to advise us in our strategic plans: Dick Wong and Jack Szeto. 
Executive Assistant: Kim Nguyen

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