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North Edmonton Business Association (NEBA)

Volunteer Directors Needed


North Edmonton Business Association (NEBA) is a membership-based organization looking to create opportunities for interactions and engagement between members, connections, communities and government. Our mission statement is to raise awareness of North Edmonton - North of Yellowhead Trail connecting businesses from North West to North East.  We do this by hosting functions and events to bring businesses, community and interested parties together – building opportunities through interactions.  NEBA brings people together through safe, professional, and is an organization of highly committed volunteers.

NEBA is a legally incorporated independent business association since 2014, in the Province of Alberta.   Our geographical area of focus is all areas North of the Yellowhead Trail (from West to East).  This incorporates these Municipal Wards: Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4 and Ward 7. Our Board of Directors (Board) recognizes the importance of exceptional Board leadership and believes that organizations need a strong and effective Board to fully realize its potential.

We encourage you to find out more about our organization by visiting our website:

At the present time, NEBA is seeking motivated volunteers to join the Board to fill several vacancies. It is expected that new Board appointees will assume Board duties until such time that they are officially elected to the Board at the upcoming AGM in December. Serving with the Board provides an exciting opportunity to develop new skills, meet and network with a variety of people, and make a meaningful contribution to North Edmonton.

As a membership-based association, we are pleased to work with Sponsors and Members from all areas of Edmonton and surrounding Regions and/or Municipalities.  The NEBA Board is diverse and is comprised of a variety of professionals with varying backgrounds and expertise.

Board of Directors Role Requirements
A demonstrated interest in NEBA's goals; a willingness to expand knowledge of board responsibilities through orientation and ongoing education, and a willingness to represent NEBA in the community.

Board of Directors Responsibilities
Together with other members of the Board, acting as a whole and speaking with one voice, the Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship of the North Edmonton Business Association and oversight of the management of the organization. This Board is accountable to the membership and to those that provide funds for the operation of the organization. They are also responsible for determining the vision, mission and strategic direction, and for monitoring organizational performance of the Executive Director.

The NEBA Board is an active, working one that currently meets one evening once a month in North Edmonton. This location may be subject to change. Once elected at the AGM, Board members are expected to fulfill a two year renewable term. NEBA is highly interested in welcoming passionate Board members that are committed to growing NEBA’s membership. The successful incumbents will provide technical and professional input, advice, and guidance regarding the direction of NEBA.

Eligibility Criteria is as follows:

  • NEBA member in good standing
  • Business owner or senior representative interested in doing business in North Edmonton (north of Yellowhead)
  • Volunteer experience with similar business or non-profit organization
  • High ethical standards and integrity

Individuals are welcomed to submit a letter of interest and CV by email to NEBA’s Board of Director at

Job Type: Volunteer

Please note, only successful applicants will be contacted.


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