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Monthly Commentary

Happy belated Valentine's Day.  Hope you celebrated the day among special ones, friends and family.  

In a few months time, NEBA will be two and 1/2 years old.  We want to take this moment to say "THANK YOU" - for your support, your participation and your interest.  It is with everyone's involvement from the start with joining NEBA as a member or as a sponsor, having a tradeshow table at our events, or being a part of events for networking, relationships, referrals and closed business deals.   In 2016, we averaged over 3000 visits to our website a month, December 2016 over 5000 and in January 2017 - our record month over 5800 visits to NEBA website.  We continue to add sponsors and new members to NEBA.  Thank you! 

These statistics are very encouraging as over 67% of the time they will Google you, check out your website, find out more about you when looking to do business.  Social media platforms and modern times have change the way we do business and we continue to work to raise awareness of North Edmonton, for our sponsors and for our members.  Thank you.

The Lunar New Year Event 2017 at Londonderry Mall was a also a major success when we looked at the second level and the main level of the mall - many in attendance to check out the performances, the cultural displays and activities and shop at the various retailers at Londonderry Mall.   Amazing progress with the renovations, the new food court and the highly anticipated opening of Simon's in the fall.   Thank you to all our special guests and dignitaries who attended the opening ceremony.  Thank you to Sam Luu with S&L Event Photography for LNY Albumn 2017

Thank you to CTV News Angela Jung who EMCEE the event.  Thank you very much to CTV News and GlobalNews for coming to the event and interviewing Title Sponsor: Londonderry Mall and their marketing team (Nancy Jarnevic and Vanessa Julio) about the event.  It's great to hear feedback from clients telling you how they saw parts of the event shown on CTV News and GlobalNews.   The best part of the event - seeing the enjoyment from those who were there.

As a business owner myself, keeping up to date with changes and how it affects my business, employees, my clients is instrumental to the success and implementation of business plan.  It affects how we can better services our clients and the operation of our business.  We are very pleased to have two upcoming luncheons with guests speakers providing us with relevant information: 

Friday March 10 with Hon. Deron Bilous, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Deputy Government House Leader as our luncheon guest speaker.  Location: Royal Canadian Legion, 14339 50 St.  Showcase your company products and get visibility for you and your company.  Sponsorship, tradeshow tables are available at this event.  Luncheon Tickets ($45) or Table of 8 ($360).  To purchase your luncheon ticket, purchase a table or look at booking a tradeshow table or sponsor this event, please click on link: [MAR 10 Luncheon Event]

Friday April 21 with Hon. Brian Mason, Minister of Infrastructure & Minister of Transportation & Government House Leader as our luncheon guest speaker.  Location: Chateau Nova Yellowhead Trail, 13920 Yellowhead Trail.  "Creating Jobs and Building a Diversified Economy"

Check out upcoming events / Register Now / RSVP : [NEBA EVENTS CALENDER]

Special thanks to Councillor Ed Gibbons (Ward 4), Councillor Tony Caterina (Ward 7), Councillor Bev Esslinger (Ward 2) and Councillor Dave Loken (Ward 4) for your time and meeting with us to discuss what's happening in your specific wards.  It helped us to better understand and look at opportunities and strategies for 2017.  We are looking forward to meeting Councillor Knack (Ward 1).  Thank you for your time and meeting with us. 

We look forward to seeing you at an event and please contact us if you have any specific questions or inquiries: info@neba.ca


We always welcome feedback so please reach out to us by email: info@neba.ca or by phone 780 803 1678.  Loan Gowers, Executive Director & President  (Connect with us on LinkedIn, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook Page).  Joey - Lee Morigeau-Jeffrey, Office Manager, admin@neba.ca

North Edmonton Business Association is a membership based organization with a focus of building opportunities by hosting events where networking, interactions, conversations and meetings can occur.. To join as member, please click on link for  online membership application and payment can be made with VISA or Mastercard.  

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North Edmonton - City Councillors (Ward 1-4 and Ward 7)

I was saddened to hear of the horrific tragedy in a Quebec mosque this week.   We hear about such events around the world but not in our own country.   We have seen isolated incidents but nothing to this magnitude.   I thought our country was different.  Overall, we are respectful, accepting and supportive of our fellow citizens.  We saw that this summer during the wild fire in Fort McMurray how many people came from all faiths, cultures and backgrounds to support those who were displaced from the fire.   Together we welcomed and supported them.  We held fundraisers and volunteered our time.   I am proud of our community and what we did.   It is a good example of our true heart for our fellow man.   Recent incidents of racism do not reflect the majority of us.   Are these individuals acting out of fear or ignorance?   I had the opportunity to visit a mosque after the Quebec shooting and heard from Muslim community members who expressed concerns about whether they should send their children to school or go shopping the next day.   They were fearful about what we as a community would say or react to them.  This bothered me that our community would feel uncomfortable in their own community.   What can we do?  What should we do?   How do we stop the fear on both sides?  Personally, I am going to continue to meet, support and respect all citizens in our community.   When I hear the negative comments or misinformation I am going to speak up. I will not sit idly by, nor will I be passively disengaged. I will stand up and show both compassion and concern for my neighbour, my fellow Edmontonian, and my fellow Canadian... are you with me?  As always, I am here to serve you. You can reach me at City Hall by phone: 780-496-8136 or by email: bev.esslinger@edmonton.ca 

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North Edmonton - MPs (Federal)

MP Kerry Diotte (Edmonton-Griesbach)

Nominate a student for my MP Youth Award

Do you know a student deserving of recognition?

You’re invited to nominate a student who is community-minded and demonstrates strong leadership for my MP Youth Award.

This award is an opportunity to recognize students who have shown outstanding leadership in their school or community.

It is open to students living or from a school in the riding of Edmonton Griesbach. Students can be nominated in the following three categories: Grades K-6, Grades 7-9 and Grades 10-12.

To nominate a student today, contact my office or visit my website for more details.

Nominations will be accepted until April 14, 2017.


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Calendar of Events

Business Introductory & Networking Event

February 23, 2017
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Royal Canadian Legion 
14339 50 Street
Edmonton, AB T5A 0S9

Registrants are given up to 10 minutes to present their company products and/or services. Learning about your business, how you work with clients, who your target market or ideal clients are. Looking for opportunities for referrals or personal introduc

Read More  Register Now

NEBA Luncheon: Guest Speaker Minister Deron Bilous

March 10, 2017
11:00 AM to 1:30 PM

Royal Canadian Legion 
14339 50 Street
Edmonton, AB T5A 0S9

Hon. Minister Bilous. Minister of Economic Development and Trade Deputy Government House Leader

Read More  Register Now

If you are interested in sponsoring an event, advertising opportunities or membership, please contact us:  info@neba.ca or call Loan Gowers, Executive Director at(780) 803-1678
Event committee:
Loan Gowers, Executive Director & President
Joey-Lee Morigeau-Jeffrey, Office Manager & Media Relations Contact
Lan Chan-Marples, Consultant, NEBA Director & LNY Event Chair
Moe Sandouga, Staples General Manager, NEBA Director
Peter Tang, Zan Initiative, NEBA Director
James Jarvies, VUE Weekly, NEBA Director
Christine Ho, Graphic Designer

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Lunar New Year 2017 - Londonderry Mall

Pictures says it all!  Amazing martial arts demonstration, dance performances (traditional and modern), Lion Dancing and more...  LNY 2017 Photo Albumn  - Sam Luu (S&L Event Photography) 


Event Chair: Lan Chan-Marples with Minister Eggen and Royal Cadet Nham


Thank you to Angela Jung (CTV News) Emcee the event.  Thank you to Mayor Iveson for your greetings and comment with special guests and dignitaries and sponsors for being a part of the opening ceremony. 

Special thanks to Title Sponsor: Londonderry Mall and their marketing team (Nancy Jarnevic and Vanessa Julio) for making this event possible.   Your community support and involvement helped us to deliver an event in celebration of Lunar New Year where all culturals, all groups, and everyone can come and enjoy a day in celebration.  Inclusion all around. 

Thank you to all our sponsors and specials guests: 


Mayor Don Iveson, Minister David Eggen, MP Michael Cooper, MP Kerry Diotte, MP Ziad Aboultaif, MP Randy Boissonnault, MLA Nicole Goehring, MLA Chris Nielsen, Councillor Bev Esslinger, Councillor Dave Loken, Councillor Ed Gibbons, Councillor Tony Caterina, and Vice-Chair EPSB Michelle Draper. 

Title Sponsor (Londonderry Mall), Association Sponsors & Event Sponsors: 

Londonderry Mall - Marketing Team (Nancy Jarnevic & Vanessa Julio)

Maria Orydzuk and Angela Jung - CTV News Edmonton

Marion Marler (Branch Manager) & Loan Gowers (Wealth Advisor) - BMO Wealth Management - BMO Nesbitt Burns

Jacqueline Bernal and Jacob Andriet - Bernal Business Services Inc.

Usha Pawluski - Usha Pawluski PC

Taikun Ji - J&J Group LLP - Chartered Professional Accountants

James Sheppard - Source Office Furnishings

Jack Szeto - Good Buddy Restaurants

Thomas Ancheta - Jump 360 Trampoline Park

Cogent Investigations

Moe Sandouga - Staples Skyview 

Brent Rains - River City Events

Special Thanks to Event Chair (Lan Chan-Marples), Organizing Committee and volunteers who from the start to finish helped where possible to make this event possible.  Thank you!

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Member News, Events & Announcements


 YMCA Strong Kids Campaign - Kickoff Launcheon - Feb 15, 2017 at Westin Hotel 

For more information, please contact NEBA Member: 

Karen Neff
Centre Manager | Castle Downs Family YMCA
YMCA of Northern Alberta
11510 153 Avenue, Edmonton, AB  T5X 6A3
p: 780 377.3710 | c: 780 910.8565

For more information, please contact NEBA Member:

Pauline Healy, MBA, CHRP
Director, Advancement & Social Enterprise

For more information, please talk to NEBA Member:

Angie Loo, Mortgage Specialist, BMO Bank of Montreal

angelica.loo@bmo.com | (780) 231-9853


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Association Sponsors