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Monthly Commentary

We invite you to join us at upcoming NEBA Business Mixer & Networking Event on Wednesday June 21 as we SWING into SUMMER!  We are very pleased to see the variety of tradeshow vendors showcasing their products and services while networking, exchanging business cards, mix and mingle.   [Register Now / RSVP]

NEBA's goal is to build opportunities through interactions from our membership base but also raising awareness to the community.  The more the community is aware of what our members has to offer in terms of products and/or services, the more their members become aware of options available to them.  By combining community and businesses in this one event, connecting businesses with leagues to explore sponsorship opportunities and ways to be involved and present in the community.  

Be a part of it all - Register now and get your name in many prizes up for bid.  How about trying your hands at winning a prize package in the Golf Putting Green Contest - hosted and sponsored by Jump 360 working with Thomas Ancheta, Director of Events.   

Want to set up your own league at Rundle Golf Course? Talk to City of Edmonton representative on the day of the event and let's get you signed up. 

Live in Ward 4? Come out and meet two of the Municipal Councillor candidates who have tradeshow tables at the event: Hassan Haymour and Justin Draper. 

Community Leagues Members:  Each member with a valid community league membership will receive one ballot at the event which goes into the draw.  The winning ballot will take home the silent auction proceeds to support your community league and initiatives! 

We like to extend our deepest condolences to Venture Publishing and Ruth Kelly's family.  We hope you take care - she moderated many events we've attended in last few years and has made such impact on all those who have seen her. 

This newsletter was tough to do as we are including the announcement that Councillor Gibbons made regarding his retirement.  From the very first official launch event for NEBA where Councillor Gibbons was present to cut to the ribbon and made a speech to our many events which he attended to give updates, we are grateful for the opportunity to work with him.   He caused us to challenge ourselves to do more for the business and community in NEBA's activities.   We hope to continue to work with you once you've decided on your new route ahead. 


We always welcome feedback so please reach out to us by email: info@neba.ca or by phone 780 803 1678.  Loan Gowers, BComm, CFP, FMA, FCSI, Executive Director & President  (Connect with us on LinkedIn, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook Page).  Tori Barthel, Administrative Assistant (assistant@neba.ca | 780.940.7074)

North Edmonton Business Association is a membership based organization with a focus of building opportunities by hosting events where networking, interactions, conversations and meetings can occur.. To join as member, please click on link for  online membership application and payment can be made with VISA or Mastercard.  


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North Edmonton - City Councillors (Ward 1-4 and Ward 7)

Announcement from Councillor Ed Gibbons

After thorough deliberation, I have decided that I will not be seeking re-election in the 2017 Municipal Election. It is a bittersweet announcement for me. It has been a great honour and privilege to serve the citizens of Edmonton as a member of Edmonton City Council for over 5 terms.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family and the North East Edmonton community for their years of support. One of my most significant accomplishments during my time on Council is the strong relationships I formed with the communities that I have served.

I believe I have brought a voice that represents the people of North East Edmonton to City Council. My background in business, industry, and farming has informed the way I lead and serve as a Councillor and as a regional representative.

I have been the Chair of the Alberta Industrial Heartland Association since 2015 because I believe in supporting responsible and sustainable industrial development to further our community’s programs and initiatives. I have seen Edmonton grow and develop in extraordinary ways and I am proud to have helped champion Edmonton’s industrial goals.

I have seen tremendous growth in Ward 4. We completed 11 community revitalizations, which created more schools, libraries, parks, and playgrounds. We built artificial turf sports fields, River Valley trails, and the Clareview Recreation Centre. We restored large portions of Fort Road and 118th Avenue and completed numerous road rehabilitation projects. I am excited to see where Ward 4 will go next.

I look forward to the future of the City and I am extremely proud of how far it has come during my time on City Council. I will certainly miss serving Edmonton as a City Councillor, but I will continue to serve this great City in other capacities.

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North Edmonton - MLAs (Provincial)

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Welcome New Member

Please help us in welcoming new member - Justin Draper to NEBA! Justin Draper is a candidate for Ward 4 and has a tradeshow table at upcoming Swing into Summer - NEBA Business Mixer & Networking Event Wed. Jun 21 at Rundle Golf Clubhouse, 2nd Floor (starts at 5 p.m). We invite you to come out and visit our member and get to know your candidate for Ward 4. We look forward to working with you and best wishes in your campaigning.
Justin Draper Candidate for City Council - WARD 4
Website - www.ElectJustinDraper.com
Twitter - @JustinDraperYEG
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ElectJustinDraper/
Cell - (780) 270-7276

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Welcome New Members

Please help us in welcoming new member Victoria Parsons, with Scotiabank to NEBA! Victoria Parsons is an experienced Small Business Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) focused in Management from MacEwan University. To connect with Victoria and find out how she can help you and your business needs, LinkedIN Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/victoria-parsons/ or victoria.parsons@scotiabank.com. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to working with you and Scotiabank.

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Member News, Events & Announcements

Upcoming Seminars for Small Business by Usha Pawluski PC.  All seminars held at: #203, 5104 82 Ave. For more information, please contact (780.463.9300)


Date: June 28, 2017

The Top 5 Common Mistakes Start-ups Make


Best for: Entrepreneurs within the first 3 years of operations


  •  The business plan
  •  What’s your structure?
  •  Staffing: You can’t do everything
  •  Cash is King
  •  Taxes—even when operating at a loss, are you ready for the big time?

How to help animals in 3 easy steps...

Step 1 – Register for the Pets in the Park walk or fun run --> http://bit.ly/PetsInThePark2017
Step 2 – Raise money for EHS shelter animals
Step 3 – Celebrate with other cat lovers at Pets in the Park on June 25th!

Already created your team for our 2.5km or 5km fun run at Pets in the Park? Awesome! Find out how you can raise $200 in 4 days --> http://bit.ly/raise200forpets

Join NEBA Member: Edmonton Humane Society at their annual Pets in the Park event on June 25

For more information, please contact Jaime Caza, Director - Advancement & Social Enterprise


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ACC Excellence Summit - Featuring Disney Institute

 ACC is bringing

Disney Institute and all four of their one-day professional development programs focusing on “Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement, Business Excellence, Leadership Excellence and Quality Service?” to Edmonton one more time this fall so that you and your team can get your Disney Degree with graduation ears. 


Course: Disney’s Approach To Employee Engagement

Date: September 20, 2017

Time: 8:30am-4:30pm 

Location: Chateau Nova Yellowhead Hotel & Conference Centre 13920 Yellowhead Trail Edmonton, Alberta T5L 3C2

What you will learn? Click Here


General Admission $697 

Chamber Member VIP Rate $597 

*Non-profit Rate $597

Cost includes: Disney's Approach To Employee Engagement participant guide, parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea and treats plus a personal Employee Engagement ***Disney Institute Certificate*** to add to your credentials

Who should attend?

Disney insights and illustrations are beneficial to any leader or employee interested in learning how to improve the customer experience and raise the standards of service in their organization. Testimonials below.

Tickets: Click here

Website: www.investinyou.today


Course: ACC Excellence Summit featuring Disney’s Approach To Business Excellence, Leadership Excellence, and Quality Service

Date: October 17-19, 2017

Time: 8:30am-4:30pm daily

Location: Chateau Nova Yellowhead Hotel & Conference Centre 13920 Yellowhead Trail Edmonton, Alberta T5L 3C2

What you will learn? Click Here


General Admission $1597 

Cost includes: 3 Disney Institute participant guides, parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea and treats plus 3 personal ***Disney Institute Certificates*** to add to your credentials

Who should attend?

Disney insights and illustrations are beneficial to anyone interested in discovering the key business practices that make Walt Disney Parks & Resorts a worldwide success with a desire to adapt these key insights to help drive financial results, repeat business, and a sustainable competitive advantage for their own organization. Testimonials below.

Tickets: Click here

Website: www.investinyou.today






"The course was transformative to our thinking. The session itself was remarkable in how itbrought the concepts to life which provided clarity and deep understanding. I personally came out of the course with a deep belief of what quality service really is and how every single team member at Flaman Group of Companies is so important to making our customers' experiences remarkable.” ~STEVE WHITTINGTON Vice President Marketing and Customer Experience FLAMAN - Group of Companies


"Treating Donors, Clients and Volunteers the Disney Way is an inspiration everyday since taking my very first Disney training in Regina. Bringing the Disney experience to your business or organization is so much fun!!" ~ CINDY FUCHS Vice President - 

The Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan


Questions, please ask


Event Coordinators:

780.518.1495 or 604.619.9393



Thank you Event Sponsors and Marketing Participants: Alberta Chambers of Commerce and North Edmonton Business Association


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